Ad Extension Series – What Are Callout Extensions?

Adding extensions to a campaign is an excellent way to provide more information in your ads. Ads that have additional information can then have a higher CTR because they are more useful to the user and take up more space on the page. Like other extensions, Callout extensions provide extra information in an ad in their own unique way. Callout extensions are unique because they highlight short bursts of information about your business. If you have special services or key aspects about your company that you would like someone glancing over your ad to notice, Callout extensions are a great way to go about doing that. For example, if you have lifetime warranties on products, special discounts, or other short selling points, these can be advertised through Callouts. When they show, Callout extensions are located in a line below your ad text separated by bullet points. Each extension cannot be more than 25 characters long. This draws a users’ eye to them without requiring a lot of focus to absorb the information. You can create several Callout extensions for a campaign and anywhere from 2-6 of those will show at a time on eligible ads. It is best to keep these extensions short and specific so that they are the most eye catching and useful to a searcher as possible.

Direct Placement, LLC is a digital marketing agency dedicated to helping you with you advertising needs. Each of our clients is assigned an account manager who will personally work to ensure your advertising campaigns are performing as well as possible. One of the ways we do this is by adding at least 4 callout extensions to each applicable account. Contact Direct Placement, LLC today to find out more about how Direct Placement can help transform your business one click at a time! You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more regular internet marketing content and for the rest of this Ad Extensions series.

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