What is Google Best Practices?

What is Google Best Practices? The Google Best Practices series is the guide for how to most effectively optimize advertisements in Search Engine Marketing on Google AdWords. It consists of a series of instructions for how to enhance specific parts of SEM strategy, which have been based off of data collected and verified by the people involved with building AdWords. These instructions are broken down into six main categories: Find New Customers, Show The Right Message, Optimize To Full Value, Re-engage Customers, Feature Your Products, and Work More Effectively. Each category is filled with tips covering every aspect of advertising on AdWords ranging from Dynamic Search to Mobile Users to Bidding Strategies. Although having this much information about optimization and strategy compiled in one place does make the Google Best Practices series an incredible resource for advertising online, if you don’t have much experience with AdWords or SEM in general, it might seem like an overwhelming amount of information to put into practice. This is why it is a good idea to hire a Google Partner when starting a SEM campaign. Google Partners are companies who have been certified through various training programs to work within AdWords and implement Google Best Practices in aspects of Google advertising like Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, and more.

At Direct Placement, LLC we are a Google Partner that specializes in all Google Advertising systems. When you choose to advertise with us, we make every effort to ensure your advertising campaign is as optimized as possible in relation to Google Best Practices. Creating effective advertisements and getting people to click on your ad through the use of extensions is a main part of the “Show The Right Message” section of Google Best Practices because it has a direct impact on the click through rates of your ads. In fact, Google states that each extension added could potentially increase the CTR 10-15%. We know that potential customers need to click on your advertisements in order for them to learn more about your business. We strive to make all of your advertisements as eye-catching and clickable as possible by creating at least two different advertisements for each of your keywords and adding four complimentary ad extensions. Contact Direct Placement, LLC to learn more about Google Best Practices and we will help you transform your business one click at a time!