Understanding Digital Impressions

In Search Engine Marketing, a number of different terms can often be thrown around without much explanation. ‘Impressions’ tends to be one of those terms even though its definition in the digital marketing world can be different than it is in other contexts. When advertisers talk about how many impressions an ad or campaign is getting, they are not referring to the ad’s indentations in a mold or celebrity-mimicking stand-up routine. Instead, they are talking about how many people saw their ads. You can imagine the use of the word as the same as someone telling you, “This is the number of people your ads made an impression on,” when they are reporting on the visibility of your ads or campaigns. This means an impression is recorded when your ad is placed within search results in Paid Search campaigns or appears on a website or other viewing platform in Display Advertising. It is important to note that this term is only in reference to people who have seen your ads. The digital marketing world also has other terms to talk about the various ways potential customers can interact with your ads beyond just coming across it in search results or on a webpage.

It is important to know the number of impressions your ads and campaigns are getting because it puts a number of other performance statistics in perspective. A higher number of impressions typically means that your ads have better positions on the page, so comparing impression amounts between ads can help you understand the difference between a low and a high position. You can also determine how successful your ads are at drawing business to your company when you compare the number of impressions on your ads with the different kinds of ad interaction statistics generated by AdWords and Bing Ads. At Direct Placement, LLC, although no AdWords or Bing Ads third-party can guarantee a specific ad position on the page, we strive to ensure your advertisements can be found on the front page of results whenever your keywords are searched. We want you to know how visible your advertisements have been. When you become one of our clients, we provide you with a login to your account which will allow you to look at your campaigns yourself to see performance statistics like impressions for your ads. We will also create reports on the performance of your campaigns for specific date ranges upon request so that you can see your advertising success for yourself. Contact Direct Placement, LLC today for more information and begin transforming your business one click at a time!