Mozilla Breaks With Yahoo To Re-Partner With Google

In November of 2014, Mozilla announced that it was not going to renew its ten-year contract with Google. Instead, they signed with Yahoo in an effort to maintain a more flexible search experience for Firefox users. The contract with Yahoo set Yahoo Search as the default search engine for Firefox in the United States and several other countries. With this new default, Mozilla included several other search engines, including Google, Bing, and even DuckDuckGo as alternate choices in the Firefox settings. Unfortunately, this decision was not popular among Firefox’s users.

According to an article in TechCrunch, in November of 2017 Mozilla broke its contract with Yahoo early and re-signed with Google. The article speculates that Mozilla may have used a clause in their contract with Yahoo that stipulated what could happen if Yahoo were to be purchased by a company Mozilla did not want to work with. The exact process of the contract termination between Yahoo and Mozilla has been verified by either company, but Yahoo’s new parent company, Oath, may be filing a complaint that the contract was ended incorrectly.

While the end of the contract with Yahoo is still under question, it is clear that Mozilla’s new contract with Google is going to result in some major changes for Firefox. The new version of the search engine, Firefox Quantum, will use Google as the default search engine for the program in most countries. More than 60 other search options and 90 languages will then be available alternates in the Firefox settings. This should allow users of Firefox a faster and more flexible search experience on the browser.

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