Bing Intent Ads Available In US, Uk, And Australia

What’s New In Bing Ads recently announced that Bing Intent Ads will now be available in Australia in addition to the United States and United Kingdom. Bing Intent Ads make it so that advertisers do not strictly need to rely on search ads to receive traffic. Instead, these native ads will be visually appealing and can display on webpages, within articles, and more places where they will integrate into the surrounding content. The ads are also just as easy to create and manage as search ads. In fact, the search ads you already have created are eligible to become Intent Ads in a few quick steps. The only slight difference that you should keep in mind when creating these ads is that they don’t work as well with calls to action. Instead, detailed text that informs the user about your product or service tends to produce the best results. Bing Intent Ads can be made even more unique from search ads in that they require an image in ad creation. But when clicked, these ads operate just like search ads in that the user will be taken to the landing page of your choosing. The users that will be able to interact with these ads will depend on a variety of targeting factors. These factors include their demographic information, search behavior, browsing behavior, and more. It is a significant announcement that Bing Intent Ads are available in Australia because it opens up an even larger audience for advertisers looking to use Bing Intent Ads.

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