Ad Extension Series – What Are Sitelink Extensions?

Sitelink extensions are another important extension to keep in mind when setting up ads. Like other extensions, adding sitelinks can give your ad a 10-15% increase in CTR. Sitelink extensions accomplish this in two main ways. The first is by expanding the size of your ad and providing users with more information about your business. When you have applied extensions to your ad and it is eligible to show sitelink extensions, 2-8 sitelinks can appear under your ad description. The number of links that appear will depend on the kind of device a user is searching on, the ad rank, and the space available on the search results list. These links will either appear as just the sitelink headline or as the full sitelink. A full sitelink consists of the headline and 2 additional description lines that allow for 35 characters of text each. This gives you a lot more space within an ad to provide information for your user and lead them into clicking on your ad. The second way sitelinks help boost ad performance is by directing traffic to more specific places on your website. You can select which URLs on your website you want to direct users to and tailor the sitelink headline and text to that specific page. Users will then be able to click one of your sitelinks and be taken directly to that page of your website instead of the ad’s main landing page. Because sitelinks make it easier for a user to find all of the information they need quickly and efficiently, ads displaying sitelinks are more likely to get clicks and conversions. It is also important to note that a click on a sitelink will cost the same amount as a click on the main ad. This means that they can help increase the performance of your ad without requiring an increased budget.

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