Oath Offering SEM Services Through Yahoo

In April of 2017, Verizon announced that it had created Oath to encompass both of its recently acquired platforms, Yahoo and AOL, in addition to numerous other popular brand names. Because Oath is an encompassing platform, Verizon did not change the name of Yahoo, AOL, and all of the other brands within Oath. Oath’s purpose is to house all of these brands, including Flickr, Tumblr, TechCrunch, etc., and utilize those platforms to advertise and grow existing and new brands. Oath’s focus is to specifically create “Brands People Love.” Their advertising campaign emphasizes the importance of brands in our everyday lives and the power brands have to connect people. There are multiple kinds of advertisements that can be created with Oath: video, search, native, and more.

The search advertising services offered by Oath give advertisers the opportunity to feature their ads on the search results and 3-party networks for both Yahoo and AOL. According to the Oath webpage, it’s search advertising will allow advertisers to tap into the monthly 80 million or more people who search through Yahoo. Search Engine Marketing is an important form of advertising offered through Oath because the SEM industry has grown exponentially over the past few years and is expected to continue growing.

It is significant that Yahoo is now part of Oath’s SEM services because it has been such a well-known internet company. It is especially well-known for its past partnerships with Microsoft and Google. Yahoo’s first partnership with Google was in the early 2000s when it used content from Google to fill search results and serve ads. The Microsoft partnership, which started a few years later, led to Yahoo using all of Microsoft’s “Powered By Bing” search technology instead of its own until 2015 when the deal renewed. In the renewed deal, Microsoft only served a percentage of Yahoo’s desktop search content. Yahoo also had another deal with Google in 2015 that would allow Yahoo to serve Google content for the remaining amount of desktop searches and for all of Yahoo’s mobile searches.

Then, Verizon came in and purchased Yahoo in 2016. This was historic moment in internet history because it was so cheap. In July of that year, it was announced that Verizon purchased Yahoo for only about $5 Billion, which was a fraction of what the internet company was once worth. However, it was more than Verizon paid for AOL (about $4.4 Billion) the previous year. Verizon’s reason for acquiring these two companies was to utilize the advertising services, as we are now seeing with Oath’s launch.

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