Ad Extension Series – What is a Structured Snippet Extension?

Although other extensions do provide additional information in your ads, Structured Snippet extensions are a great way to focus on specific aspects of your business in your ads. These kinds of extensions are basically a list of items, facts, etc. that describe to a specific header (or subject) related to your business. You can choose from 13 different headers ranging from Amenities to Destinations, Service Catalogs, or Types. Depending on your industry and the specific aspects of your business you want to highlight, you can select a header and provide up to 10 values to define that header. For example, if you choose Service Catalog, you can provide up to 10 different services that your business performs which will be highlighted in your ad. In order to create a Structured Snippet, you need to provide at least 3 values for your header, but Google Best Practices suggests you provide at least 4 values for each extension. Like other extensions, Structured Snippet Extensions will only appear when ads qualify. When Structured Snippet extensions do show on a desktop, up to two can show at a time. On mobile, only one Structured Snippet extension can show on your ad at a time. The extensions will appear below your ad’s description and will display the header and the first few values of the extension.

Having these lists of information in your ads is highly beneficial for your ad performance because it can help potential customers better understand the range of services, products, locations, and more; that your business covers. They are also beneficial because they are highly customizable. Each of your Structured Snippet Extensions can be written to best fit the goals of your company. Because the values for each extension will appear in the order they were entered in your account, you can even choose the order your services, products, etc. appear in your ad. This means that if you want to feature your Service Catalog, but you really want to highlight 3 of your services above the rest, you can make those 3 services the first 3 values on your extension. Then, they will be the most seen when your extension shows. As always, adding extensions to your ads can also increase CTR because they make your ad take up more space and provide more useful information to users. At Direct Placement, LLC, we do everything we can to ensure your advertising campaigns perform as well as possible. To do this, we create at least 4 different kinds of ad extensions, including Structured Snippet Extensions, for each new applicable client. Contact Direct Placement, LLC today to learn more about how our internet marketing can help your business increase your presence online. Or, follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more regular internet marketing content.

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