Ad Extension Series – What Is A Location Extension?

Ad extensions as a whole are an excellent way to provide additional information about your business in your ads and direct more traffic to various parts of your website. This is because creating extensions for your campaigns can increase the number of clicks and conversions your ads receive. But, there are numerous kinds of extensions that provide information in your ads that is geared to different business goals. Location extensions are one of these kinds of extensions. Although location extensions can direct traffic to your website like the other kinds of extensions discussed in this series, location extensions are an especially useful choice for any business that thrives on customers actually coming to your location/store. These extensions make it possible for potential customers to easily access information about your location, like store hours, address, or even a map. They are especially effective when potential customers are on mobile devices because they can also provide a click-to-call button, the distance a user is from your location, or even a map to navigate them directly to you right there in your ad. What is especially unique about these extensions are the number of ways and places they can show. As mentioned, location extensions can appear in a number of formats ranging from street addresses below your ad text to a link to a map that will lead a customer directly to you. But, they can also show in different locations than typical search ads and extensions. When a campaign with a location extension is set up to show on Google Search Partner Sites, these extensions can appear with a link to directions to your location on sites and aps like Google Maps. Unlike some other extensions, location extensions can also appear on image or even video ads on the display network. This means that creating a location extension for your advertising campaign can be an excellent way to direct more traffic to your physical locations, instead of just your website.

Although these extensions do require a business to have a Google My Business account to function, they are easy and fast to set up. Once you do have a Google My Business account, all you need to do is have it linked to your AdWords account in order to create your location extension. The location extension will then pull all of your applicable business information from the information provided in your Google My Business account to fulfill the different situations, locations, and formats the extension might show in. When your ads are eligible, your location extension can then start showing and directing traffic to your website or stores. Direct Placement, LLC is a digital marketing agency dedicated to helping you with your advertising needs. We are a Google Partner and Bing Accredited company with a staff that is trained and certified to set up and optimize your campaigns. Each of our new clients are assigned an Account Manager who will personally work with you to ensure our advertising efforts are geared to your specific business goals. Contact Direct Placement, LLC today to learn more about how you can start transforming your business one click at a time! You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more regular digital marketing content.

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