What does CTR stand for?

In Digital Marketing, a Click-Through-Rate (CTR) is an important statistic for determining the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, but what is a CTR? A CTR is a percentage calculated using the Impressions on an ad and the number of those people who actually clicked on the ad. The CTR of an advertisement or campaign is found by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions and then multiplying it by 100. This statistic is important when evaluating advertising campaigns because it can help you determine several different things about your campaigns and advertisements, like how effective your ads are and how often they are being shown. Typically, a higher CTR means that potential customers found your ad relevant to the search term they used while a lower CTR means your ads might need to be updated to seem more relevant to your keywords and/or website. Although it is generally correct to think ‘the higher the CTR the better’ and optimize your ads and campaigns accordingly, it is also important to note that each kind of advertising in Digital Marketing has a slightly different range for what is considered a good CTR. For example, while a good CTR in Paid Search Advertising is generally about 2%-5%, Display Advertising typically has a lower good CTR range of .25% or more. Then, within those advertising strategies, each industry also has a slightly different CTR range. This means that in order to use CTR to track the effectiveness of your Digital Marketing, it is necessary to have an understanding of your industry, keywords, and advertising strategy so that you can evaluate your success and optimize accordingly.

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